In the absent of light, darkness will prevail. But a Hero will rise deep within Germany. In a world that consists of only knives he must become a gatling gun.
When injustice harness throughout the world he must become the plague of wrath. He must overcome everything. He's fought the Black Death (aka Choco-Buddha), Flying Squirrels and Economic Crisis. Now he'll face his ultimate foe - his nemesis the Ill-tempered terrorist Tali-Ban.

It's time to part the waters, it's time to scorch the sky.
He must use his fast-paced moving skills like a handgrenade and ultimately reign the random symmetry of life and death. It's the task of a lifetime - it's the ultimate sacrifice.
It's the way of the Boller.


GravBar / Hanzi Hefti

A German with great remarkable forces that has his characteristics with a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and a hat.

ImpulzE / Ban

A taliban leader from France, who live in Denmark.
He hate Hanzi Hefti!

spagnum / Cliff

Ban's right hand. Not the smartest.

spagnum / Flemming Fonemy

A taliban-sympathizer from a Danish island call Bornholm.

spagnum / Jimmy

Über Boller/Jedi-boller-master, the rest is unknown.

GravBar / A-si'r-a-er-fat

A taliban-sympathizer from a Italy, who live in Denmark. He is wanted by interpol, MI 6, PST, PET, PIS, DGSE, BND, FSB, GRU, his wife, CIA and FBI, just to name a few.

Loppe / Interrogation expert

An expert who tells (voice over) what the correct interrogation techniques during an interrogation.


Chaos / Director

The director behind the blockbuster movie "Snowball In Hell 2 - Ice cold and at boiling point" and "Snowball In Hell 7: Men Who Hate Other Men". And Chaos are also known for the movies like "Airbus 380 - 5 days looking for an Exit" and "Die Tür - Öffnet/Geschlossen", with Hanzi Hefti in the leading role.

L. Andersen / Co-Director, Producer, Writer

The man behind the manuscript in the first two Snowball In Hell movies, and the seventh and this one. He is behind several movies in Hollywood like "Rise of the Psycho Aliens", "Pocahontas in Space" and "Escape from the Land that Time Forgot".
But this time he is once again back to what started his career.

B. Andersen / Second Unit Director, Producer

Behind the movie "The Elite Putters - Put and Take it all", but are most known for his work with the "Snowball In Hell" movies.

C. Rasmussen / First Assistant Director, Executive Producer, Editor

He is actually the only one who has been involved in all the eight Snowball In Hell films.

Ulla and Kaj / Miscellaneous Crew